Dawn Deanna Wilson’s “Creating Memorable Characters”

Author/Artist Dawn DeAnna Wilson

Author/Artist Dawn DeAnna Wilson

The Pen and Paper Lounge welcomes Author/Artist Dawn DeAnna Wilson to Winterville on April 5, 2014 . Ms. Wilson will facilitate Creating Memorable Characterspart of writing workshop series. Ms. Wilson will provide a hands-on workshop for beginner to intermediate writers (even the secret ones.) Bring a notebook, pen and prepare to create unforgettable characters.

The workshop will be held at The Coffee Shack 168 Beacon Drive in Winterville on Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 10 am-12:30 pm. A book signing and open mic will immediately follow the workshop.

A $20 donation for adults is suggested to offset the costs incurred by the facilitator including packets for each participant. All are welcome, but reserve your seat due to limited space. Email  downeastwriters@gmail.com or visit https://dawn-d-wilson-workshop.eventbrite.com to reserve your seat.

About the Author:

Dawn DeAnna Wilson’s first novel, “Saint Jude,” was listed in “The Big Book of Teen Reading Lists: 100 Great, Ready-to-Use Book Lists for Educators, Librarians, Parents, and Teens” by Nancy Keane.

Originally from a small town Weaverville, near Asheville, NC, she wrote her first story when she was five and her first poem was published when she was in 8th grade. In 1986, the publication of her short story in Prism, a magazine for young authors, led to an appearance on “CBS Morning News.”
Wilson earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied creative writing under authors Doris Betts and Bland Simpson. She earned her master’s degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from East Carolina University. Currently, the author resides in Eastern North Carolina and is a member of the NC Writers’ network.

Find out more about Dawn and her works at www.dawndeannawilson.com.

The Pen and Paper Lounge presents writer’s workshops to address the foremost concerns of writers, whether it is elements of their craft or the business of writing in general. All workshops will be interactive and full of content that participants can use beyond the workshop.

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Keith Flynn’s “Inspiration Station”

Keith SingsThe photographer, Cartier-Bresson, believed that his lens had to be aimed at the decisive moment, when the photograph was willing to surrender, or when the confluence of events was at its apex. Most professional writers can’t wait for inspiration to strike, or for the abiding image or core theme of the work to emerge.

This workshop, Inspiration Station, will focus on identifying ideas and rhythms to jumpstart the creative process, with exercises designed to spark the imagination. This will be a very active workshop, with lots of writing and prompts to use when inspiration wanes. This class will focus on line structure and the aspects of language that help create inventive rhythm and flow, demonstrating how to make the work more dynamic and muscular on the page.

Participants should bring at least 20 copies of each manuscript they want share during the workshop. Any work deemed exemplary will be considered for publication in The Asheville Poetry Review.

At the door registration begins at 4:30 pm. Event begins at 5:00 sharp. Find out more about the poet at www.keithflynn.net.

NCWN members are welcome to participate in the reception and Open Mic. Contact Celestine at downeastwriter@gmail.com  for details.

About the poet:  KEITH FLYNN is an award-winning poet, singer, and editor who has published five books of poetry and essays, and is the founder and managing editor of The Asheville Poetry Review. From 1984-1998, Flynn was the lead singer and lyricist for The Crystal Zoo, a nationally acclaimed rock band that released three albums. This new incarnation, The Holy Men, provides musical accompaniment to poems from all of Flynn’s books, as well as new songs and re-imagined versions of Flynn’s back catalog of recorded material. His latest book is Colony Collapse Disorder.

“Flynn’s poems are original, passionate, vigorous and musical narratives that roam the full spectrum of the art. Keith Flynn is a true original, and a national treasure.”                                         ~Jennifer McPherson, The Comstock Review

“Imagine Blake doing rock and roll, filled with the spirit of Howling Wolf and Bill Monroe.”                                                        ~Joe Napora, Small Press Review

For reservations and ticket information email nvnvtheater@gmail.com

For tickets online: https://kflynn-inspirationstation.eventbrite.com

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Gabrielle Brant Freeman’s “Writing Poetry with Friends”

Gabrielle Brant Freeman
courtesy of Magnolia Photographync

GABRIELE BRANT FREEMAN delivered her workshop, “Writing Poetry with Friends: Collaboration as Inspiration” to some very excited participants. The workshop, held on Saturday, August 17, 2013  from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Kinston Community Arts Council,  explored how a poet can get inspiration by getting “out of his/her own head” through collaborative writing. Participants participated in collaborative writing exercises based upon prompts that Freeman provided. Each participant initiated their own thread and passed it on to the other participants for several rounds.

In the end, they were surprised by the results. Some threads maintained the same subject and tone while others lead to places that the original poet had never imagined. Overall, the participants were intrigued and thrilled by the results and the possibilities of this technique to inspire and inform their own writing.  So thrilled were they, that all agreed to get back together to share their new revisions and creations for a culminating project.  One participant raved, “I never had this much fun writing in a long time. It’s great to have some feedback and the energy from other writers.”

Although the participants just so happened to be all female, they came from a wide range of writing backgrounds, experiences, and ages. Nevertheless, each one came away with a smile on her face after the event and vowed to meet again for another round of sharing. A junior at Kinston High School, Phebe Cantey, who was the youngest participant at 16 said, “I didn’t know what to expect but I was surprised at how comfortable I felt with everybody. Ms. Freeman was cool. Poets, rock!”  Participants were so enthralled that they wrote all the way through lunch.

After the workshop, Freeman answered questions and read some of her work. She shared her experiences with poems she initiated on social media sites in which members of  her online community contributed. She writes poems based on that collaboration that may or may not resemble any of the contributions. According to Freeman, the end result oftentimes does not resemble her initial idea or prompt. But that’s the beauty of this technique called the Exquisite Corpse, it’s serendipitous!  (Exquisite Corpse traces its roots to the Parisian Surrealist Movement.)

About the Poet: A native of Southern California, Gabrielle Freeman has lived and worked across the United States, and she now resides in Eastern North Carolina with her family. Currently, she teaches composition at ECU. She earned her MFA in poetry through Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Gabrielle’s poetry can be found in many journals including Clockhouse Review, Chagrin River Review, The Emerson Review, Red Rock Review, and Shenandoah.

This workshop was hosted by New Voices New Visions (NVNV) in cooperation with the North Carolina Writers’ Network (NCWN) and the Kinston Community Arts Council at 400 N. Queen Street in Kinston.

If you are an experienced writer of any genre who is interested in facilitating a workshop contact me at downeastwriter@gmail.com.

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Upcoming Literary Events

Wilson County

August 15th, 2013

Inventive Social Justice Projects Interest Meeting for Writers, Poets, Spoken Word Artists, Actors, Dancers, Artists, Theater arts crafts persons, and other interested parties.

We will discuss initial project and a series of interactive performances focusing on universal issues related to social justice.

Where: Chat and Chew

130 Goldsboro Street SW

Wilson, NC 27893

Phone: (252) 234-1668

Pitt County

August 20, 2013 

Sheila Turnage, Three Times Lucky at the Tipsy Teapot

Book Club

409 S Evans St Greenville, NC 27858

Phone: (252) 413-0087

August 22, 2013 at 8 PM-9PM

Inventive Social Justice Projects Interest Meeting for Writers, Spoken Word Artists, Actors, Dancers, Artists, Theater arts crafts persons, and other interested parties.

We will discuss initial and a series of interactive performances focusing on universal issues related to social justice.

Tipsy Teapot

409 S Evans St Greenville, NC 27858

Phone: (252) 413-0087

Lenoir County

August 17, 2013, 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

Poet/Professor Gabrielle Brant Freeman will facilitate her workshop, “Writing Poetry with Friends: Collaboration as Inspiration.”

Attendees will participate in several collaborative writing exercises to explore how collaboration can get a writer “out of his/her own head,” leading to inspiration. There will be a reading by the poet and participants will have an opportunity to read some of their work.

Lunch will be provided by the Queen Street Deli and Bakery. Total Cost $20. Call252.526.7353 for ticket information.

Kinston Arts Council

400 N. Queen Street

Kinston, NC 28501


 August 24, 2013, 11 am -2 pm

Open Call. New Voices New Visions Theater Arts group is looking for writers for new works and adaptations of established works for the stage.

Kinston Arts Council

400 N. Queen Street

Kinston, NC 28501


September 25th, Times TBA

Poet/Performer Keith Flynn is set to conduct an interactive workshop at the Kinston Arts Council that afternoon and will perform that evening at The Red Room with “acoustic and electric versions of his poetry, other poems, songs, blues, funk, bossa nova, a little gospel, and maybe even a little reggae.” More details will be forthcoming. Contact number for event is (252)526-7353.

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Local NCWN Member Events

Poet Marty Silverthorne

Poet Marty Silverthorne

Marty Silverthorne

May 26th: “Poetry on the Pamlico” a reading with Shelby Stephenson and Marty Silverthorne at Riverwalk Gallery & Arts Center in Washington, NC. If you need more information, please feel free to contact Marty via email at marty.koda@yahoo.com or Riverwalk Gallery at (252) 974-0400

May 29th:  “Poetry: The Road to Getting Published” poetry panel with readings and book signings from 7 to 8:30 PM at the Kinston-Lenoir County Public Library at 510 N. Queen St. in Kinston. Contact Antuan Hawkins at 252-527-7066 x.133 if you need more information. http://www.neuselibrary.org.

GFreeman_SmallGabrielle Brant Freeman

May 31st: “Pirate Prof Pack: Creative Writing Reading” featuring East Carolina Faculty members including  Amber Flora Thomas, Angie Mellor, Gabrielle Freeman, Joe Horst, Mellisa Dempsey, Randall Martoccia, and Tom Herron from 6:30 to 8:30 PM at The Tipsy Teapot Café & Bookstore at 409 S. Evans Street, “Uptown” Greenville.

Contact freemang@ecu.edu or horstj@ecu.edu for additional information.

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Keith Flynn Poetry Workshop Rocks!!


Flynn performs “Alabama Chrome” and poems from his new book, Colony Collapse Disorder.

Finding the Singer Within

Poets are priests of the invisible…While music is based on the passage of time; poetry is based on the stoppage of time…Poetry performance is not for the poet, it’s for the audience, so approach it as an act of generosity. ~ Keith Flynn

Participants at Keith Flynn Event

Attentive Participants at Keith Flynn Event

If you weren’t there, you really missed it!  The Coffee Shack was shaking and vibing with the effusive poetic renderings of Keith Flynn last Friday night during the Open Mic after his workshop, “Finding the Singer Within.”  Flynn wowed us with his in-depth knowledge of poetry, poetry performance, and his generosity through sharing his personal preparation techniques.

The workshop organizer, Poet Malaika King Albrecht exclaims, “Keith is the quintessential poet, bringing both performance and well-crafted poems together in ways that thrill any audience. His teaching skills are likewise a brew only Keith could make.  She began the workshop by alerting us that Keith Flynn would most likely “outperform our expectations” and “lift us out of our seats,” and she was right.  We were graced with his unique blend of song and poetic musicality that was both instructive and entertaining. According to one review on the jacket of his newest book, Colony Collapse Disorder (Wings Press 2013), it lives up to “Keith’s reputation as a ‘seminal force in poetry…a voice for the dispossessed with rock-gospel charisma and riddle-like revelations’” (Choice).  After the Flynn’s dynamic workshop, both experienced and newbie poets were indeed fired up by his humorous anecdotes and contagious energy.

Flynn, a Pulitzer Prize nominee and the receiver of many prestigious awards, provided an informative overview of the historical, structural, and philosophical connections between music and poetry ranging from slave songs, Bob Dylan, and beyond.  Drawing parallels between movements in art, literature, and music, Flynn stressed that the goal in all areas is to affect the human spirit.  This author of The Rhythm Method, Razzmatazz, and Memory (2007) points out that by observing musicians, we can become better poets.  He asserts that establishing a rhythm creates a more effectual reading and insists that poems should have an invisible shape that can be “seen” when poets read.  He shared his perspective on three areas that are also included in The Rhythm Method chapters: Learning to listen, Learning to Observe, and Learning to Speak.

At one point, workshop participants were prompted to confess the names of their favorite musical performers.  Flynn easily dissected the participant’s expressed connection to their choices, revealed why we they may have been were drawn to them, and how that realization could help them to discover their voice.  He stressed that poets must read what has come before, assimilate to the body politic, but find their own distinctive voices. According to Flynn, “poetry is sacred” and  it is “what the world wants when it is broken-hearted.”

I won’t attempt to go over all that he shared with us in the workshop.  Hopefully, you will try to catch his next one. (He may be back sometime in September.)  But here are few tidbits from my notes…

On Writing and Performance

The act of making poetry is an act of love. Reach for the ideal. Poetry reading should be theater, a performance. Timing and rhythm is everything. Learn to use silence. Tell your unique story as interestingly as possible. Avoid clichés. Enter in action; leave it in motion. Learn to love the sound of your own voice. Enunciate and elucidate. Eliminate the unnecessary. Be in love… with the sounds of the words. Practice, Practice, Practice… Creating poetry should be an unerring need not narcissism. Let each word carry its own wait. Fill the spotlight; be large and in charge.

About Your Audience

Respect them. Don’t waste their time. Test the microphone before you perform. Adjust your performance to your audience. Be prepared with a variety of pieces. Use appropriate humor to engage or re-engage your audience. Don’t use your audience as your guinea pigs. Practice, Practice, Practice! Never apologize (about your poetry). Don’t be a time hog; stay within your prescribed time.

You may find out more about Keith Flynn’s workshops and contact him through his website:  http://keithflynn.net/

Look over his 2013 itinerary: http://keithflynn.net/itinerary/

Acquire or learn about his publication (He is the founder/editor), the Asheville Poetry Review: http://www.ashevillepoetryreview.com/

Photo Gallery (More to come)

 Keith with Poet Malaika King Albrecht KeithWTeen_4Blog_tinyKeithCloseUpReading_small




COMING SOON Greensboro – Save the Date! Keith Flynn (womenwritersofthetriad.wordpress.com

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A Keith Flynn Workshop: “Finding the Singer Within” Tomorrow at 6PM

Another Poetry and Performance Workshop

May 8, 2013 from 6 to 7:30 PM  at The Coffee Shack in Winterville, NC 28690 (252) 32107425

Keith Flynn

Keith Flynn

The page is a cold bed. Poetry has to live in the air, and every poet who is compelled to publish their work or sell books will be asked at some point to read their compositions in a public forum.

An experienced performer, Flynn will focus on exercises that draw out the rhythm in your performance while illustrating the many bedrock techniques of public speaking, and the particular challenges of interpreting the sometimes complex ideas of a poem.

Participants will learn how to find and confidently project the hidden singer inside from Poet-Musician Keith Flynn, one of the country’s finest performers of their work.

Flynn reveals that, “We will create the proper dynamic theater for a poetry reading, from the page to the stage and unlock the drama and music that are the integral aspects of a memorable performance.”

The cost of the workshop is $20 Each participant should bring two pieces to share with the group and at least 20 copies of each. Any work deemed exemplary will be considered for publication in The Asheville Poetry Review. This workshop is designed to benefit the beginner as well as the accomplished poet and to arm poets with bags of tricks to charm every crowd they encounter.

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